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Project Description
A windows application for viewing SharePoint ULS log files more easily. Supports filtering and easy viewing of data.

Note: Many people have commented that since this projects release, Microsoft has released a viewer (by the same name!). It apparently has more features (although some problems of its own). You may want to check it out too:



Please note that this project has not been updated for many years. Keep in mind this product was released a year or more before the MS product of the same name (At a time when there were no alternatives). Many people still find it useful because it can be used on any machine, so I have left it here for now.

This is a WPF application powered by LINQ.

The current release (2.0) has the following features:

- Parse and open multiple SharePoint ULS logs (will concatenate them if you select multiple)
- Reorder and resize columns, sort on any column
- Filter by Severity, Category, and Process or a custom text filter/search
- Group multi-line stack traces into single log entries for easy viewing and copy/paste
- View message easily in separate pane (No more scrolling in notepad)

There is currently no formal documentation. The instructions are simple. Open the application, press the 'open' icon on the toolbar, and choose a SharePoint log file (or several). You may filter files by choosing from the filter drop down boxes, and unfilter by choosing the wildcard ("*") filter. You may also do a search by using the free text filter. All filters are 'AND' operations.

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